Tuesday, 17 January 2017

20mm Falklands Scimitar Part2

Vehicle hit with Halfords primer and the commander painted. Next up are the camo colours put on through  the Iwata.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

20mm Falklands

I've been collecting some scenery/ vignette bits for my 20mm Falklands setup. I managed to pick up some reduced Scaledale buildings from a local model railway shop, all corrugated ones of course.

These are resin and reasonably well painted, I'll be doing a little repainting and basing them as well. I also picked up some tractors from Wiking which are 1/87 but I think I'll get away with it, the intention here is to model the civilian tractors that local residents on the islands used to assist the troops. There are some cracking photos in "With 3PARA to the Falklands" by Graham Colbeck

 and I'll be basing the vignettes on these, here's an example.

Vehicle wise I'm looking at civilian  Landrovers, so Cararama and Oxford will be supplying. Below is an Oxford SWB Landrover that I've tarted up and based. Dougie

Saturday, 7 January 2017

20mm Falklands Scimitar Part 1

Back to the Falklands for a 20mm Scimitar to support my Brits. When I decided to do a Scimitar I was aware of the Britannia one, Airfix and Ace. I tend towards resin for a quicker build but got offered a look at the Ace one which is an excellent kit but had etched brass tracks! This was unfortunately a non starter so I ordered a Britannia one from Grubby. I built one quite a few years ago when the late Dave Howitt ran the show and it was a good wargames model. However the latest one I received was obviously a victim of old moulds, covered in bubbles with the smoke dischargers on the turret missing and a fair bit of detail gone soft. I suspect a few folks would have returned it but I decided to crack on with the filler and plastruct. The photos below show the reconstruction work finished, the tank commander has his sleeves rolled up, obviously for summer on the north German plain so he got some long sleeves for the weather down south.
On a side issue I was wanting a couple of Britannia Centurions for my SADF troops but I'm quite wary, think I'll just have to look at the quality in the flesh at Vapnartak at York in February. Here's hoping. Dougie

Monday, 2 January 2017

3PARA Support

Another 3 Brits finished for my 28mm platoon. Empress figures, a JTAC and a 2 man GPMG team.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

More 28mm Modern British work

Folks, done some work on my ongoing 28mm Modern British Platoon, namely some support with a GPMG team and a JTAC figure. I'm using Empress figures which are so nice, the GPMG guy is a stonker and I've used a standard SA80 armed guy as his number 2. The JTAC would be humping his PRC-117F radio in a bergan so I looked for a suitably equipped Empress figure and added the 117 aerial made from plastic rod with a brass rod core. The finished figures will be up very soon, in the meantime here's a shot of the scratched aerial added to the JTAC.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Sunday, 18 December 2016

28mm Empress M-ATV Part 1

I'm painting this for a gaming buddy and its the first Empress vehicle I've tried and I have to say I'm impressed, very clean resin castings. I've avoided putting extra details on because it can be quite difficult to stop and the kit's quite nicely detailed anyway. I've followed my usual procedures and I've tried to photograph the various stages below. Dougie

The kit assembled into the basic components prior to priming.
 After priming, I used the excellent AK Interactive OEF/OIF paint set through the Iwata airbrush.
 I use a colour modulation system, first with a darker base coat then the AK colour and finally a lighter colour on the highlights.
 Difficult to see on the photos but you can see it better on the turret.
 A brown filter applied, then a pin wash.
 Some very light chipping, I didn't want a heavily worn look.
 Some light streaking grime added and the details painted in.
 Again a light weathering to the wheels and tyres

Not much to do to get it finished, a couple of whip aerials to add and assembly. Insignia hasn't been added the owner's going to do that himself should he feel the need.